The power to create on a cosmic scale. Variation of Creation.


The user can create on a cosmic scale, including creation of planets, stars, moons, galaxies, etc.




  • The creation only happens in an already existing universe, meaning the user cannot create alternate universes.
  • Creation in cosmic scales takes great amounts of energy.

Known Users

  • Galactus (Marvel Comics); created an entire planet and it's population in exact detail
  • Beyonder (Marvel Comics)
  • Celestials (Marvel Comics)
  • Franklin Richards (Marvel Comics)
  • William Kaplan/Wiccan (Marvel Comics); as the Demiurge
  • Captain Atom (DC Comics)
  • Alexander Luthor Jr. (DC Comics); via dimensional machinery
  • Brahma (Hinduism)
  • Bender (Futurama); temporarily
  • Dunamis Users (Saint Seiya)
  • Don Slime (Toriko)
  • Planet Builders (Stargate Universe)

Known Objects

  • Space Gem (Marvel Comics)
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