The ability to manipulate evolution via cosmic radiation. Variation of Evolution Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Cosmic Evolution


User can manipulate the evolution of living life-forms by using cosmic radiation to empower, change shape, or allows adaptation to the environment. The species created through this process can also be empowered by the cosmic radiation left behind in certain forms such as crystals and the cosmic radiation of other living beings to a certain level of power.  The beings created by this can also have certain abilities that requires cosmic radiation as well.



  • Have to blow up a galaxy with a strong amount of energy then sends energy in the form of comets that travel faster than light then blows up at a certain area at a certain point in time.

Known Users

  • Juvialry & Zethika (B.R.A.V. New World)
  • Khafra (B.R.A.V. New World)
  • Chaos Comet (Illusion of Gaia)
  • Galactus (Marvel Comics)
  • Celestials (Marvel Comics)
  • The Three Serpent Gods (B.R.A.V. New World)
  • Gia (B.R.A.V. New World)
  • Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics)


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