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[[Category:Primordial Powers]]
[[Category:Primordial Powers]]
[[Category:Power with no known user]]
[[Category:Power with no known user]]

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The ability to manipulate any creation. Sub-power of Creation.

Also Called

  • Creation Control
  • Materialization Control/Manipulation


User can manipulate creations, whether it be another person's creations or their own. They could change how the creation looks, feels, what it does, and so on, and they can also recreate things as well. They can improve creations if they wish to do so as well, or make them worse.




  • May be limited by raw power and imagination.
  • May need to know how an object works in order to create it fully functional.
  • Distance and strength depends on the power and skill of the user.
  • May require knowledge of chemistry and biology.
  • Has to be created in order to manipulate.
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