The ability to manipulate how anything crosses over to other universes.

Also Called

  • Crossover Control


The user can manipulate how things crossover into other dimensions, realities, universes, realms, etc. They can determine if things can leave their home universe, exist in other universes, handle the different physical laws and concepts (if any), gain new abilities, skills, knowledge , etc., gain new forms going into those worlds, how they interact with things in the other universe, if their abilities work, if they can stay that way upon returning to their home universe, if they gain history upon entering as if they existed there already, if they exist as someone else, if whole worlds/realities can crossover with others, how worlds/realities crossover with other worlds/realities, how powers like Dimensional Travel are affected, etc.




  • May only work on certain universes.
  • May have a limit as to how much change the user can make per entity.
  • Cannot affect users of Omnilock.

Known Users

  • Access (Amalgam Comics)
  • Noah Dreyar (Holistic Fantasy)
  • Taiji (Super Robot Wars)
  • Old Clock Shop Man (Digimon Xros Wars)
  • The Black Elites (Pastel Memories)
    • Maya
  • Employees of the Rabbit Shed Shop (Pastel Memories)
  • Nejire Usagi (Pastel Memories)
  • Control Freak (Teen Titans Go!)

Known Objects

  • Magic Buttons (Isekai Quartet)
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