The ability to seal crystals into objects/beings. Variation of Earth Sealing.


The user is able to seal crystals within objects/beings and release them when needed, causing it to have various effects on the target.


  • Mass Increase since all of that matter of crystals is sealed inside the hosts body.
  • Seal away all the crystals in the area.
  • Spike Protrusion can be going outward of the host and may be fatal.
  • Telefrag have the asset of causing huge chunks of crystals pull the victim to pieces upon unsealing.



  • Can't be unsealed if the host is in an environment in which crystalline material cannot exist.
  • Destruction of host body will unwillingly unleash the sealed crystals.
  • Users of Crystal Mimicry and Crystal Exoskeleton can negate this.
  • Powerful Crystal Manipulation can gain control of this.

Known Users

Known Objects


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