The power to utilize cyberspace-related magic. Variation of Cyberspace Manipulation and Environmental Magic.

Also Called

  • Cyber Realm Magic/Witchcraft/Wizardry
  • Cyber-World Witchcraft/Wizardry


The user can perform a form of magic related to the cyberspace, allowing for magical control over cyberspace and/or its aspects and/or drawing on its mystical energies.




  • Anti-Magic/Environmental Magic/Magic Destruction/Magic Immunity/Magic Negation
  • Magic may have a price.
  • Magic may be limited to a particular aspect of cyberspace.
  • May be ineffective outside of dream-world.
  • Control, discipline, and restraint are extremely important. Unconscious, emotion-influenced, impulsive, or reckless use of this power can be catastrophic.
  • Without the knowledge or proper skill, the intended use of such magic can create unpredictable or potentially dangerous results.
  • Cyberspace Manipulation could defeat user.

Known Users


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