The ability to completely reset the internet, sending it back to it's neutral state. Advanced variation of Internet Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Internet Reboot
  • Virtual Rebirth


The user can reset the entire internet on a global scale, which will send malicious electrical signals throughout the cyberspace, disabling anything connected to a network such as modems, computers, laptops, phones, satellites, GPS devices, TVs, electronics, etc. Everything consisting of technology will be shut down or even disrupted completely until the internet is fully restored or back in its neutral state. This can also cause a global crisis in the real world as well due to the fact that mostly everything is being machine-operated and connected to the internet nowadays, meaning that if a certain connection is suddenly corrupted, it will eventually cause traffic jamming, government turmoil, stock market shutdowns, business chaos, rebellious riots, financial crisis, and even nuclear meltdowns.




  • If any piece of technology isn't connected to the internet, this ability has no effect on it.

Known Users

  • Ovan (.hack//G.U.)


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