"I was your catspaw. I was to do your dirty work for you. Break the crystal. Destroy the universe. It wouldn't kill you. Merely recreate your state of primal unbeing, that precious unity your so fond of"
― Beyonder to The Phoenix Force (Marvel Comics)
"I cannot die, I am the Rock of Ages. I will live forever...on the edge of dreams."
― The Rock of Ages (Merlin)

The ability to transcend universal cycles.

Also Called

  • Cycle Breaker/Overcome/Surpassing


User transcends the cycles of the universe. They are not bound by the same beginning, present and end that most other beings are subject to. Most high level beings, no matter how powerful/old, are only fulfilling their role in the current cycle they are in, and when that cycle ends they will as well. User is beyond that limitation.




Known Users


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