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The power to generate DNA. Sub-power of DNA Manipulation. Variation of Creation.

Also Called

  • DNA Creation
  • DNA Secretion


The user can generate DNA of any kind, for reviving and creating new species, to inject into people suffering from a mutation, or create mutated DNA which can create new abilities if injected to other people.




  • May only generate a certain amount of DNA at a time.
  • May only generate certain kinds of DNA.
  • May take time to master.
  • Can't bestow powers onto other unless the user finds a way to inject the generated DNA into the subject.
  • May take strain on the user.

Known Users

  • Oneg the Prober (Marvel Comics)
  • Most Bio-Devisors (Whateley Academy)
    • Jobe Wilkins

Known Objects

  • Black Dwarf Star (Futurama)