"How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war, you steal a force you can't hope to control, you talk about peace, and you kill 'cause it's fun. You have made me very desperate. You might not be glad that you did."
― Nick Fury (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
"His magic thrives the most when he has to face more than one enemy."
― Cha Hae-In on Choi Jong-In (Solo Leveling)
"Pushing people too far is never a good thing, a desparate beast driven to its wits's end bites especially hard and lethal."
― Azazel (Highschool DxD)

The power to gain strength from danger. Technique of Danger Manipulation. Variation of Affinity.

Also Called

  • Crisis Empowerment
  • Coercion Empowerment
  • Danger Affinity
  • Desperation Empowerment
  • Distress Empowerment
  • Duress Empowerment
  • Hazard Empowerment
  • Peril Empowerment
  • Risk Empowerment
  • Threat Empowerment


Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by being in danger or in life threatening situations, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the danger or even slow or stop aging.




  • Strength may fade after the danger passes.

Known Users

  • Yakumo Fuuji (3x3 Eyes)
  • Mine (Akame ga Kill!); via Pumpkin
  • Ben Tennyson (Ben 10: Omniverse); via Omnitrix's failsafe
  • Relm (Final Fantasy); via Memento Ring
  • Emergy Maxfell (S-CRY-ed)
  • Nagasumi Michishio (Seto no Hanayome)
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