The power to manipulate the dark/destructive aspects of souls. Combination of Soul Manipulation and Negative Forces Manipulation. Opposite to Pure Soul Manipulation

Also Called

  • Dark Soul Control
  • Dark Spirit Control/Manipulation


User can create, shape and manipulate souls of a darker, detrimental nature; that which damages, destroys, and consumes anything/everything they come across, representing the hazardous destructive side of souls, which in turn ignores most of the limitations and weaknesses of the normal soul. In essence, this is about solely controlling the negative powers of souls themselves.




Known Users

  • Legion (Shadow Man)
  • Wrexsoul (Final Fantasy VI)
  • Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children); via Negative Lifestream
  • Sayoko Minase (UQ Holder)

Known Objects

  • Soul Gem (Marvel Comics)


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