The power to make others become weaker whenever a power source of dead/death is near or in close contact with them. It is either induced, created, generated, manipulated and produced. Variation of Aversion and Death Inducement. Opposite to Life Aversion Inducement.

Also Called

  • Necrokinetic Aversion Inducement


The user can make others become weaker whenever a source of death or dead is certain, in close contact or near in vicinity.


  • Power Negation - negate and deactivate the powers of the others through the powers of dead/death
  • Weakness Inducement - induce hidden or known weaknesses to others whose weakness is dead/death
  • Limitation Inducement - using any powers of dead/death  the limitation of the one who is weak with is going to be exposed and will become an advantage to the user of this power
  • Death-Force Manipulation - controlling the movement of any source of dead/death to gain an advantage on an opponent
  • Death Inducement - by forcibly inducing death to others thus gaining an advantage in the process
  • The many water forms sources, the effect becomes more brute.



Known Users

  • Mandrake (Epic)
  • Boggans (Epic)
  • Malia (Imortal 2 ABS-CBN TV Series)


Imortal Book 3 - Malia-0

Imortal Book 3 - Malia-0

The video shows Malia, killing a tree and some pink flowers.

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