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|Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
|Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
|Row 1 info = Kill via fear.}}
|Row 1 info = Kill via fear.}}
The ability to '''induce death via fear/horrort'''. Combination of [[Death Inducement]] and [[Fear Inducement]].
The ability to '''induce death via fear/horror'''. Combination of [[Death Inducement]] and [[Fear Inducement]].
==Also Called==
==Also Called==

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The ability to induce death via fear/horror. Combination of Death Inducement and Fear Inducement.

Also Called

  • Deadly/Death/Killing/Lethal Fear/Fright/Horror/Terror
  • Death By Fear/Fright/Terror
  • Fear-Death/Fright-Death/Horror-Death/Terror-Death Inducement
  • Frightened/Scared to Death


The user can induce death through sheer terror, killing them with either the stress caused by it or by other means.




  • May depend on the user's state of mind.
  • May be involuntary.

Known Users

  • Banshee (Irish Mythology)
  • The Jabberwocky (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)
  • Judge Fear (Judge Dredd)
  • Buruburu (Supernatural)
    • Luthor Garland
  • Mimikyu (Pokémon)


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