Death By Sex

Zoe Benson.png

So how would this work in bed?"

"Well I can't do sex, but I can give you a stick job."
"Th-that sounds..."
"Yes, it is very unpleasant.Peter Griffin and Stick Figure (Family Guy)

The ability to induce death via sexual intercourse. Sub-power of Tantric Manipulation. Technique of Sex Appeal Combat. Variation of Death Inducement. Opposite of Sex Healing.

Also Called

  • Black Widow Mating
  • Death by Snu-Snu (Futurama)
  • Deadly/Death/Killing/Lethal Intercourse/Sex
  • Seductive-Death Inducement


The user can induce death through sexual intercourse, either caused by the user draining the victim's life energy, injecting poison, or exhausting them past their physical limits.




  • Users of Immortality are immune.
  • May require a specific form of intercourse (foreplay, penetration, etc).
    • May depend on the sexual orientation of the user/gender of the partners in question
  • May depend on the user's state of mind.
  • May be involuntary.

Known Users

See Also: Out with a Bang.


  • Kagero (Basilisk)


  • Shiklah (Marvel Comics)


  • Incubus/Succubus (Folklore/Mythology)


  • House Raith of the White Court of Vampires (The Dresden Files)

Live Television/Movies

  • Zoe Benson (American Horror Story: Coven)
  • Margaret (Liquid Sky)
  • Succubus (Lost Girl)
    • Bo Dennis
    • Aife
  • Mr. Garrison (South Park)
  • Sex Gas (Torchwood)

Video Games

  • Ardat-Yakshi (Mass Effect Franchise)
    • Morinth
  • Most Monsters (Monster Girl Quest)
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