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"But Sybo said that it feeds on death."
"In the strict scientific sense, doctor, we all feed on death. Even vegetarians."
― Leonard McCoy and Spock (Star Trek)

The power to gain strength from deaths of others. Technique of Death-Force Manipulation and Necromancy. Variation of Affinity. Not to be confused with Cemetery Empowerment or Killing Empowerment. Opposite to Life Empowerment.

Also Called

  • Death Benefit
  • Death Affinity
  • Necrotic Affinity/Empowerment


Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by the deaths of others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from the dying or even slow or stop aging.




  • May be limited by the number of deaths they can be strengthened by.
  • May only be empowered by deaths the user has caused.
  • May only be empowered by deaths that others have caused.

Known Users

  • Khushu Idol Users (Arrow TV Series)
  • Murmandamus (Silverthorn/A Darkness at Sethanon) by absorbing the residual life-force of anyone that dies in his presence to increase his own power.
  • Nekron (DC Comics)
  • Black Lantern Corps (DC Comics)
  • Bloodwynd (DC Comics)
  • Azraeuz/The Silent King (DC Comics)
  • Odin (Final Fantasy Legend II)
  • Pearl and Nash (Angel & Faith)
  • Arthas the Lich King (Warcraft)
  • Jojo Achimu (Ninjutsu series)
  • Isaac Hale (Alphas)
  • Orb of Caldia (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Guardian Deathscythe (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Tolza Godolschleim (Gesellschaft Blume)
  • Giselle Gewelle (Bleach)
  • Akhaten (Doctor Who)
  • Gabriel Reyes/Reaper (Overwatch)
  • The Transcendent One (Planescape: Torment)
  • Kigatilik (Champions Online)
  • Kikuhouin Kaoumaru (Fake Rebellion)
  • Vassago/PoH (Sword Art Online); Alicization Arc only