"Death is nothing to us, since while we exist, death is not present, and whenever death is present, we do not exist."
― Epicurus
"No one has been killed, Captain."
"No one has died here in uncounted thousands of years."
― The Organians (Star Trek)

The power to prevent death. Sub-power of Life Preservation. Variation of Death Negation.

Also Called

  • Dying Prevention


The user can prevent the death of others from occurring, either by preserving their lives or preventing injuries/wounds from getting worse or festering. Unlike Death Negation the targets are not rendered immortal or invulnerable, and can still be harmed as easily as anyone else, they just won't die by unnatural means like murder or accidents, just by natural death.




Known Users

Known Locations

Known Powers

  • ZONPHA Syndrome (Karakuri Circus); via third stage infection



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