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*[[Explosion Inducement]]
*[[Explosion Inducement]]
*[[Suicide Inducement]]
*[[Suicide Inducement]]
*[[Transformation Ascendency]]
==Known Users==
==Known Users==

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"Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."
― Yoda (Star Wars)

The power to transform into/release the user's superpowers upon death. Sub-power of Death Transcendence and Self-Detonation. Variations of Transformation Ascendency.

Also Called

  • Necro-Power Transformation
  • Superpower Death/Suicide



The user of this power becomes so attuned with their superpowers they immerse themselves in it. When the user dies, it isn't truly death, it is a transformation: they become the True embodiment of the nature of their superpowers and that is their new existence.

  • Ex. A user of Fire Manipulation dies, they transform into and become all the flames that are and will be created in existence.


The user of this power can transform into their superpowers upon death and, instead of transcending, they let their power consume them, thus releasing their power in the form of a ultimate suicide attack in a last ditch effort to take down their opponent.

  • Ex. A user of Fire Manipulation dies, they create a suicide attack by letting their superpower consume their form and releasing it in the form of a fiery explosion based on their superpower.



Known Users


  • Tama/Stray Cat (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure IV: Diamond Is Unbreakable)


  • Jesus Christ (Christianity)


  • Jedi/Sith/Force Sensitive users (Star Wars)

Video Games

  • Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X)
  • Gods (God of War)
  • Heartless (Kingdom Hearts); with their Nobodies
  • Nobodies (Kingdom Hearts); with their Heartless
  • Swan (Lollipop Chainsaw)
  • Heldalf (Tales of Zestiria)

Tabletop Games

  • Bodaks (AD&D)


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