The power to manipulate defenses/defensive powers. Sub-power of Combat Manipulation. Opposite to Attack Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Defense Control
  • Durability Control/Manipulation


User can create, shape and manipulate defenses/defensive powers of oneself or others, including augmenting/enhancing, reducing, erasing/removing, negating, shifting, creating it, reversing/switching it, healing it, bestowing it, etc.

User can control any/every aspect of defense and all the variations of defensive powers, such as shields, armor, conceptual/supernatural defenses, invulnerability, and more. They can make defenses ineffective, strengthen them to absolute levels, bestow or create new methods of defense, or even remove them entirely.






  • May be unable to create defenses, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
  • May be limited to manipulating only certain forms of defense.
  • Users of Power Anchoring are immune.

Known Users

  • Users of Dispel Bound (Bastard!!)
  • Fitoria (Rising of the Shield Hero)
  • Shield (Suikoden)


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