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*[[Supernatural Dominion]]
*[[Supernatural Dominion]]
*[[Transcendent Angel Physiology]]
*[[Transcendent Angel Physiology]]
**[[Transcendent Angelic Mage Physiology]]
*[[Transcendent Demon Physiology]]
*[[Transcendent Demon Physiology]]
**[[Transcendent Demonic Mage Physiology]]
**[[Transcendent Demonic-Undead Physiology]]
*[[Transcendent Energy Manipulation]]
*[[Transcendent Energy Manipulation]]

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Power to use the abilities of a Demiurge. Variation of Transcendent Physiology.


User with this ability either is or can transform into a Demiurge, an artisan-like being responsible for the fashioning, shaping and maintenance of the physical universe, or at least some portion of it. It may clear things to know that in Greek dēmiourgos means literally "public worker", and was originally a common noun meaning "craftsman" or "artisan", but gradually it came to mean "producer" and eventually "creator" or "maker". Depending on the system, they may be considered to be either uncreated and eternal, or considered to be the product of some other Supreme Entity.

According to the Platonic and Gnostic philosophical teachings, the Demiurge is a supernatural being imagined as creating or fashioning the world in subordination to the Supreme Being, and sometimes regarded as the originator of evil or good. This being is regarded as the creator of the world, but inferior to the Supreme Deity, who is the creator of the universe itself and the Demiurge. The Demiurge is also incapable of creating perfect world forms, and all of their planetary creations are flawed as a result.




  • User's power may pale in comparison to a higher-level deity.
  • Every creation of the user may be flawed at some level.

Known Users

  • The Turtle/Maturin (The Dark Tower/IT)
  • Michael Demiurgos (Vertigo Comics)
  • God (Image Comics)
  • Satan (Image Comics)
  • Elder God (Legacy of Kain)
  • William Kaplan (Marvel Comics) as Demiurge.
  • Demiurge (Marvel Comics)
  • Creator (Discworld)
  • Creator (of the Continent XXXX) (Discworld)
  • Jack 'Bec' Noir (Homestuck)
  • Spawn (Image Comics)
  • Peregine Mendicant (Homestuck)
  • Doc Scratch (Homestuck)
  • First Guardians (Homestuck)
  • Lord English (Homestuck)
  • Demiurge (Gnosticism)
  • Demiurge (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • The Authority (His Dark Materials)
  • Ialdabaoth/The Lifemaker (UQ Holder)
  • Yaldabaoth (SCP Foundation)
  • The Maker (SCP Foundation)


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