The power to be restored to physical life with greatly enhanced attributes, due to demonic patronage. Demonic variation of Resurrection. Combination of Self-Resurrection and Demonic Empowerment. Opposite to Divine Resurrection.


Demonic Resurrection allows an individual to be returned from physical death due to a connection with a demon but in the process gain a wide array of powers beyond those found in life - this is what differs it from other forms of resurrection, due to the evil nature of demons these powers often reflect the user's darkest aspects or greatest desires, twisted to the infernal powers.

Often those who undergo Demonic Resurrection are willing servants of demonic forces or former Damned Souls, as such they may obtain powers very similar to demons but are still bond to Hell (or some other negative realm) - often their soul is still held captive by demons and thus even if they die again post-resurrection a demon may be able to continually revive them in a such a manner.





  • Can not be used to counter eternal torment as the character is still under the direct authority of demons.
  • May be vulnerable to divine or holy relics / powers due to the evil-nature of this resurrection.
  • May be limited in duration or subject to specific conditions (such as a pact with a devil).

Known Users

  • Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)
  • Lethal Legion (Marvel Comics)
  • Slade (Teen Titans)

Known Objects

  • Evil Peices (High School DxD)


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