The power to manipulate demonic smoke. Variation of Demonic Wind Manipulation. Combination of Demonic Force Manipulation and Smoke Manipulation. Opposite to Holy Smoke Manipulation. Not to be confused with Dark Smoke Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Corrupt Smoke Manipulation
  • Cursed Smoke Manipulation
  • Evil Smoke Manipulation
  • Hellish Smoke Manipulation
  • Inferna-Typhokinesis
  • Malevolent Smoke Manipulation
  • Sinful Smoke Manipulation
  • Unholy Smoke Manipulation


The user can create, shape and manipulate hellish smoke, capable of blinding, asphyxiating and desiccating anyone or anything in is path. In addition, demonic smoke is capable of inflicting excruciating pain, both physically and spiritually tormenting the victim. It has the potential to corrupt one's soul, and is very effective against the holiest of supernaturals, such as angels. More powerful users can even ultimately summon/resurrect/create evil spirits, elemental entities and/or demons from Hell.




Known Users

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