The power to have powers from a demonic source. Opposite to Divinity.

Also Called

  • Demonism
  • Satanic/Ungodly Source
  • Unholy Powers


The user has demonic powers, which can be obtained a number of different ways. User may be a demonic being or have demonic ancestry, transform into a demon, channel or act as a vessel for a demon, have the power or soul of a demon, or mimic/steal powers from a demon.

Demonic power levels are variable; therefore, those with weak demonism or those with a mortal parent only count as Cambions.




Known Users

  • Slayers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The Children of Sparda (Devil May Cry)
    • Dante; through being a son of Sparda
    • Vergil; through being a son of Sparda
    • Nero; through being the son of Vergil
  • Mira (Dragon Ball Series)
  • Demigra (Dragon Ball Xenoverse)
  • Mechikabura (Dragon Ball Heroes)
  • Hellspawns (Image Comics); through a demonic pact
  • Ogre (Tekken series)


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