The power to induce/embody or be empowered by the different aspects of fate/destiny. Variation of Fate Embodiment and Aspect Manifestation.

Also Called

  • Aspect of Destiny/Fate
  • Destiny Aspect Embodiment/Personifcation
  • Fate Aspect Manifestation/Embodiment/Personification


The aspects of fate are different ways to how fate affects the world, the universe or existence itself.


  • Beginning - All things began because they were fated to.
  • Conclusion: The final end of anything is already predetermined since it's very beginning.
  • Compulsion: The drive and force that commands us all to continue doing something.
  • Cycle: Ultimately, all of existence is destined to end and then re-begin infinitely.
  • Necessity: Necessity is what is fundamental essence/trait that we all require to exist.
  • Inevitability: Fate is a constant and inevitable force.
  • Possibility: No matter if it is either possible or impossible, if it is destined to happen, it will happen.
  • Purpose: Everything's purpose is ultimately decided by fate.



  • May have to compete with other users.
    • May be forced to work with other users.

Known Users

  • Ananke/Necessitas (Greco-Roman Mythology) - Necessity
  • Moros (Greco-Roman Mythology) - Inevitability/Compulsion
  • Skuld (Norse Mythology) - Necessity
  • Atropos (Valkyrie Crusade) - Inevitability/Conclusion.
  • Clotho (Valkyrie Crusade) - Beginning
  • Lachesis (Valkyrie Crusade) - Necessity/Compulsion
  • Caliborn (Homestuck) - Inevitability/possibility/purpose
  • Whispers (Final Fantasy VII Remake) - Inevitability
  • The Bureau (The Adjustment Bureau)


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