The power to gain powers through a symbiotic relationship with a destructive/destruction-based being. Variation of Symbiosis. Opposite to Creation Symbiosis.

Also Called

  • Annihilation/Destructive/Eradication Symbiosis


The user can gain powers by symbiotically hosting or linking to a destructive/destruction-based being, such as an embodiment of annihilation, supernatural beings associated with or in charge of eradication or even entities comprised of destructive energy. This grants the user profound powers related to destruction, erasure and/or negation.




  • The destructive entity may take over the host’s mind and/or body (Possession).
  • The power wielded may be dangerous to the user.
  • Powerful destructive entity may harm or even destroy host’s body (obviously).
  • Bond Destruction/Creation/Creative Energy Manipulation could defeat the user.
  • May require a supernatural contract.
  • May have a limit to what or how much can be destroyed or erased.

Known Users


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