The ability to transform into a form with devil-like abilities, powers, skills, and traits. Variation of Mode Switching. Opposite to God Mode. Not to be confused with Demon Mode.

Also Called

  • Devil Form
  • Satanic Form/Mode
  • Devil Trigger (Devil May Cry)
  • Supreme Demon Form/Mode


The user is able to enter a state which allows devil-like abilities, skills and traits with demonic capabilities and powers that transcend all of the users basic limits whether physical, spiritual, mental and so on. The user of this power may also gain an evil state of mind, or an insane mind. The user may be demonic looking in terms of looks while using this power.




  • To possess this power, the user may have to sacrifice their life-force which would result in death.
  • May have an uncontrollable evil or insane state of mind.

Known Users

  • Users of Devil Trigger (Devil May Cry)
    • Dante
    • Vergil
    • Nero
  • Akira (Devilman Crybaby)
  • Users of the Devil Gene (Tekken)
    • Hachijo Clan
    • Kazumi Mishima nee Hachijo
    • Kazuya Mishima
    • Jin Kazama


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