The power to perceive everything in digital data-form. A sub-power of Data Manipulation. Not to be confused with Scanner Vision.

Also Called

  • Computer Vision
  • Data Vision


The user is able to perceive everything in digital data-form, this way the user can collect data faster and even analyze it to use it.



  • May only be able to identify certain kinds of data.
  • May or may not be able to analyze certain data.

Known Users

See Also: Electronic Eyes

  • Kraab (Ben 10)
  • Nemesis (Resident Evil)
  • Digimon (Digimon)
  • Androids (Alien)
  • Terminators (Terminator Franchise)
  • Virus (Winx Club)
  • Angeloids (Sora no otoshimono)

Known Objects

  • Detective Mode (Batman: Arkham)


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