Power to manipulate dimensional elements.

Also Called

  • Dimensional Element Control
  • Line Control/Manipulation
  • Plane Control/Manipulation
  • Point Control/Manipulation
  • Volume Control/Manipulation


User can create, shape and manipulate dimensional elements, including points in space, lines, 2D planes and 3D volumes of things, etc. They can effectively reshape and resize objects, warp them in different ways, and maybe what is in them, such as pictures and other art. They can manipulate how planes, points, lines and volumes are connected, reconnecting points and determining where lines lead.




  • May be unable to create dimensional elements, being limited to manipulating only the already existing one.
  • May require to be honed or amplified by specific objects.
  • Cannot affect users of Spatiolock, Spatial-Temporal Lock or Omnilock.

Known Users

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