"That sword was used to separate our world from the demons."
― Dante (Devil May Cry)

The ability to slice through dimensions, which allows one to in order to cut through anything. Sub-power of Spatial Slicing. Technique of Dimension Shifting and Distortion. Advanced variation of Cutting.

Also Called

  • Anti-Dimensional Slash
  • Dimensional Blade/Cutter


User can combine Dimension Shifting to shift the "cutter/edge" from the originating third dimension to the fourth (or some other) and back akin to a saw movement, and at the same time passing the blade through the target, such an effect causes the user to "delay one's existence from the dimension". The blade phases through the target while in a higher dimension, and then because no two things can exist in the same place at the same time in the same dimension, this causes the targeted object to be destroyed by the blade without any resistance; in short, the technique delays one's existence from the dimension to pass through and destroy physical objects.

At more advanced levels, user can project a tear in dimensional space for long-distance attacks, which creates a wave that distorts the dimensional barriers. Anything caught in the tear will be bifurcated, and the "blade" cannot be blocked nor deflected by conventional means due to its nature. The sharpness of these dimensional energy blades are so sharp, that a simple glance can cause aggravating cuts.

The user can also use the dimensional shifting from the technique to affect the dimensional walls that separate the spaces of the alternate worlds (multiverses), creating tears to link these worlds.

Universal Differences

The main difference between this power and Spatial Slicing is their style of execution and method of inflicting damage. While Spatial Slicing is removing or displacing a sliver of space and the matter occupying in it, Dimensional Slicing (at rudimentary levels) requires the user to shift through the dimensions back and forth (akin to a saw) while physically passing the cutter through the target to destroy matter. However, at higher levels, Dimensional Slicing creates displacing rifts in the dimensional space, which is similar to how Spatial Slicing operates.

While Dimensional Slicing allows the user to attack at dimensional levels, it cannot attack at omnipresent levels, meaning it is inferior to Space-Time Slicing in such regard. However, Space-Time Slicing does not allow for extra-dimensional attacks, as it only restricts up to the third and fourth dimension.





  • Can be blocked by other inter-dimensional techniques.
  • Cannot reach dimensions of other timelines.
  • Distance of the cut may be severely limited, compared to Spatial Slicing.

Known Users

Known Objects


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