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User has an existence beyond all known and unknown dimensions. Predating the existence of Any Primordial dimensions that create all lower levels of dimension. With this the user can sculpt , remake and create new dimensions. The user is immune to lower level life form abilities any entity that does have power equivalent to a multi dimensional being would have no effect on the user. Users tend to be Omnipotent or from a race of higher dimensional beings. With this the user can either be resistant or immune to any powers or a user of other abilities that are not within the same range of power.


  • Dimensional manipulation
  • Meta Space manipulation
  • Meta Time manipulation
  • Meta Gravity manipulation
  • Primordial force
  • Nigh omnipotence
  • Omnipotence


  • Dimensional Eldritch physiology
  • Cosmic otherness
  • Omnilock
  • higher dimensional manipulation


  • Without proper mastery or innate knowledge the user can accidentally destroy their creations or creations and alterations of themselves and others
  • If the user is not omnipotent they will subject to an omnipotent being
  • Users cannot obtain omnipotence through this power unless having it prior.
  • Stronger users of this ability and other absolute ,Omni,pata, Meta, and almighty beings that are strong enough may counter or be unaffected by the users abilities.