The ability to have absolute control over an direction and everything associated with it.

Also Called

  • Cardinal-Direction Lordship
  • Direction Lordship
  • Lord of North/South/East/West


User has absolute control over an direction (west, east, north, south and center) and everything on and associated with that direction, such as entities, elements, colors, concepts, seasons, places, etc.




  • User may only have control over an specific direction.

Known Users

  • Four Symbols (Chinese Mythology)
    • Azure Dragon; East
    • Vermilion Bird;South
    • White Tiger; West
    • Black Turtle; North
  • Guardians of the directions (Hinduism)
  • The Four Archdemons (Valkyrie Crusade)
    • Ariton; North
    • Oriens; East
    • Amaymon; South
    • Paimon; West
  • The Four Guardian Deities (Valkyrie Crusade)
    • Azure Dragon; East
    • Vermillion Bird; South
    • White Tiger; West
    • Black Tortoise; North
  • Huang Long (Valkyrie Crusade); Center
  • Four Sacred Beasts (Hero of Robots)


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