The ability to disable anything.

Also Called

  • Render Inoperative
  • Stopping Inducement


The user can disable anything, including technology, movement, powers, physical laws, ability to die, concepts, etc., temporarily or permanently. Disabling is not to be confused with negating. When something is negated it is canceled out. When something is disabled, it's put out of action/stopped.





  • May only be able to disable certain things.
  • May require more effort/power to disable larger, more important, or more powerful things.

Known Users

  • Malok, Pride of Oryx (Destiny); via Shadow Touched
  • Chaos (Heavens Lost Property)
  • Melan Nymph (Heavens Lost Property)
  • Nymph (Heavens Lost Property)
  • Innocentius (Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere); via Stithos Porneia
  • Various Pokémon (Pokémon); via Disable
  • Various villains (Power Rangers series)


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