"Those people have lost their way, none of them have real homes. All they do is wander around from place to place."
― Nessa (Fractale)

The power to induce spatial/temporal/conceptual disconnection on someone/something.

Also Called

  • Disengagement Inducement
  • Dislocation Inducement
  • Displacement Inducement


User can cause/induce a state of disconnection/displacement in on a target, making them unstuck in reality/space/time/concepts, causing them to endlessly travel to any world/dimension/space, time/timeline, place, conceptual domain, etc. at random.

Since the target is displaced in existence they can enter or visit any domain, realm, timeline, or reality, even if its closed off, isolated or even been erased from the rest of existence.




Known Users

  • The System (The Beauty Blogger); after gaining consciousness

Know Locations

  • Sacrificial Labyrinth (Dungeon Seeker')
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