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The power to accelerate the processes of diseases and viruses in others/oneself. Sub-power of Disease Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Disease Stimulation
  • Illness/Virus Acceleration


The user can stimulate and accelerate the processes of diseases and viruses within an incredibly short period of time within the bodies of biological beings. They can make a seemingly benign sickness into a lethal and life-threatening ailment at their behest. With enough skill, a user can turn a condition that was thought to be harmless into a fatal affliction in a matter of moments.



  • Users of Contaminant Immunity and Disease Immunity are immune to the effects of the user's power.
  • User may need to concentrate to properly accelerate the progress of a disease.
  • A victim must have a disease present within their body for the user to accelerate.

Known Users

  • Benazir Kaur (Marvel Comics)
  • Vector/SCP-353 (SCP Foundation)
  • Yū Otosaka (Charlotte)