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The power to use disease-related magic. Form of Magic.

Also Called

  • Blight/Disease/Pestilence/Plague Craft
  • Blight/Pestilence/Plague Magic
  • Blight/Disease/Pestilence/Plague Witchcraft
  • Blight/Disease/Pestilence/Plague Wizardry


The user is able to use a form of magic that controls diseases and parasites, including pathogens and pestilence. This magic can augment, create, spread, or even weaken and eliminate disease. In the case of some supernatural diseases, the user could even convert the victims into vampires, zombies, or other beings.




  • Magic always has a price.
  • May not include immunity to their own powers.
  • May not include cures to diseases.
    • If it does include cures, the spells may be incapable of being cast unless there is a cure known.

Known Users


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