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*The power to turn objects into sand.
*The power to turn objects into sand.

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The power to collapse objects into dust at one’s touch.


At the user’s touch, molecules lose cohesion and begin to fall part, turning structures to dust. Dangerous ability, highly involuntary.


  • Most disintergrate objects by the touch of the hands.
  • Other users can disintegrate from a distance, without the need of touch.


Hi-level users can perform:

  • degeneration”: to make organism deteriorate by means of wounds reopening and decaying.


Some may only have the power of:


  • The power to disperse objects into gases at one’s touch. At the user’s touch, molecules are highly heated up, break cohesive bonds, and soon float away due to diffusion. Organisms usually die or oddly live anatomically adjusted to this way. Other users can vaporize from a distance, without touch.


  • The power to turn objects into sand.
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