"The first half of life is spent mainly in finding out who we are through seeing ourselves in our interaction with others."
― June Singer

The ability to isolate and/or interact with physical, metaphysical, or spiritual forces or objects. Ultimate application of Interaction Manipulation. Basis of Manipulations.

Also Called

  • Ideal Correlation
  • Manipulation
  • Omnipotential Interactions


User can isolate and/or interact with any particular subject from the reality around them be it physical, metaphysical, spiritual, etc. and reality will correct itself accordingly; user does not actually warp reality but simply alter its course to a particular effect their results ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary.

It is not so different from a novice artist. The more they work at it, the more skilled they become or in short, they start off with causing minute changes and later, logic defying feats. Practice is the best of all instructors after all.

Applications (Simplified)

Note: Considering the accurate applications are based one what the user chooses to interact with and how well they do, it is best if we apply powers potential to their level.




  • The user is susceptible to being separated from their interface by users of Interaction Manipulation and Separation.
  • Users may only be able to manipulate subjects they can comprehend.
  • Users may also be limited in potential effects.
  • Users might be unable to manipulate a power regardless of how much time and effort placed.

Known Users

  • William Kaplan (Marvel Comics); as Demiurge
  • Lord of Nightmares/L-sama (Slayers)

Known Objects

  • The Beret (Anime-Gataris)


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