Object that grants its user divine/holy powers. Variation of Powers Via Object. Opposite to Demonic Object. Not to be confused with Blessed Object or Transcendent Object.

Also Called

  • Holy/Sacred Object


The user has access to an object that grants them divine/holy powers. They can range from source materials to apparel to fully-designed weapons; whatever the form, they can impart divine powers to those who lack them entirely or augment the already existing holy capabilities.

The object’s nature and use can come in different ways. It can act as a vessel for a sealed divine entity that transfers its power or inhabits its host (Angelic Symbiosis). It can be naturally imbued with divine energy that the user wields when activated. It can even be a conduit for a remote source of sacred power. Use of this type of object can enable purification of the wielder, but it can still overwhelm and possess those who are unprepared for such energy/power.





Known Objects


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