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The power to be revived as a god or a god-like entity upon a return from death via a supernatural catalyst. Transcending variation of Self-Resurrection. Opposite to Demonic Resurrection.

Also Called

  • Divine/Godly Revival
  • Resurrection Ascendancy/Transcendency
  • Transcendent Resurrection


The user gains godlike power upon their return from death via a supernatural catalyst that affected them while they were alive or still dead. Upon resurrection, the user achieves an entirely new level of existence and is able to experience the universe through the perspective of a transcended being.




  • The user must truly die in order for the ability to take effect.
  • If the supernatural catalyst that gave the user godhood is nullified, the user will become unstable and die as a result

Known Users

  • Equinox (Batman: Brave and the Bold); via absorbing the powers of the Lords of Order and Chaos
  • Sōsuke Aizen (Bleach); via Hogyoku
  • Orcus (Dungeons & Dragons); as Tenebrous, via a surge of negative energy
  • Light Emperor Mateus (Final Fantasy II)
  • Achilles (Greek Mythology)
  • Heracles/Hercules (Greek Mythology)
  • Aeneas/Jupiter Indiges (Greek Mythology); via Ambriosia and Nector
  • Touya Mouchizuki (In Another World With my Smartphone)

Known Objects

  • The Holy Grail (Grancrest Senki)