The ability to perceive the occurrence of divinity or divine forces.

Also Called

  • Godly Sense
  • Holy Sense


The user can perceive occurrence of divinity or a divine force within an area or an unspecified distance away. The user can discern whether a divine force is present in an area and determine the potency its source. The user can also discern the power granted in others from divine forces such as immortality.




  • Users may be limited to sensing certain forms of divinity.
  • Divine power of a sufficient level may overwhelm the user's sense if too close.

Known Users

  • Desak (Marvel Comics)
  • Sebastian (God Is Dead); in god form
  • Gods (Dragon Ball)
  • Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
  • Vegeta (Dragon Ball)
  • Freeza (Dragon Ball)
  • Hit (Dragon Ball)

Known Locations

  • The Dungeon (Danmachi)


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