The power to destroy the domain of a ruler/entity. Divine version of Total Event Collapse. Variation of Destruction. Opposite to Personal Domain. Not to be confused with Destructive Dominion

Also Called

  • Domain Collapse
  • Personal Domain Destroyer


The user of this power will be able to actually destroy a personal domain of a user, despite who it may be, powerful Divine Slayers may process a power such as this.




  • It will take great control to master 
  • May take a lot of energy to perform
  • Could destroy the domain the user is in, killing themselves.
  • Cannot destroy a Domain if it's ruler is omnipotent within it.
  • Personal Domain Creation may be able to recreate the domain.
  • Useless against Omniarch, Omnipotence and Omnilock.

Known Users

  • Merry Nightmare (Dream Eater Merry); as Gatekeeper Merry
  • The Chaos King (Marvel Comics)
  • Tenebrous (Planescape)
  • Dollmaker (Alice: Madness Returns)

Known Objects

  • Ichor/Black Sludge (Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell)


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