The power to manipulate all domains/spheres of influence.

Also Called

  • Domain Control
  • Sphere of Influence Control/Manipulation


User can create, shape, manipulate, and distort/warp domains (personal or otherwise); a realm/space, dimension, plane, reality or specific sphere of influence either belonging to or owned by or was once owned by others, the user, anyone or anything. Allowing the user to decide, destroy and manipulate both personal domains and even their hubs/sources as well as any other existing type of domain/sphere of influence, even granting them the power to subvert the authority of the targets domain and destroy it if they wish.





Known Users

  • Hand Shakers (Hand Shakers); after winning enough battles
  • Makoto Misumi (Moon-Led Journey Across Another World)
  • Yumeji Fujiwara (Yumekui Merry)