"(smirks) Sorry, I said "certain death" in two stings, but you probably only felt one."
― Sui-Feng (Bleach)

Power to kill target with just two hits from the user of this power. Sub-power of One Hit Kill. Variation of Death Inducement and Probability Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Death in Two Steps
  • Double Shot Kill
  • Double Strike Kill
  • Double Tap
  • Two Hit Kill
  • Two Shot Kill
  • Two Strike Kill


This power allows the user to kill a victim with precisely two strikes. This is achieved by marking the target with the first hit, and then striking on the same location a second time, in which will deal instant death the moment it hits, disregarding of the opponent's remaining vitality.

Other, less sophisticated methods include the first strike weakening the target's defense and durability, and then the second strike is the "death blow" by the fact that the user is simply unable to withstand the strike. This is mostly achieved by sheer brute force.



  • Inability to make the second strike makes it useless.
  • There may be a time limit set after the first strike, in order to have the second strike to be effective.
  • The power in some cases can only work if the user attacks the same spot twice.
  • A powerful individual may be able to remove the "marking" of the first strike making the second nonviable.

Known Users


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