The power to use the abilities of dragon that has both magic and superpowers. Combination of Superpowered Dragon Physiology and Mystic Dragon Physiology. Variation of Gestalt Dragon Physiology, Empowered Subject Physiology, and Hybrid Physiology.

Also Called

  • Advanced Dragon Physiology
  • Draconus Magi Superior Physiology
  • Evolved Dragon Physiology
  • Empowered Dragon Physiology
  • Metadragon/Neodragon/Superdragon Physiology
  • Micromutated Dragon Physiology (Rational Only)
  • Modified Dragon Physiology (Rational Only)
  • Mystical/Scientific Dragon Physiology
  • Superior Mystic Dragon Physiology


The users are dragons who have been empowered to be given brand new other powers in addition to their coexisting physiology power sets through the use of mystical and/or superpowered means. In regards to having powers via genetic engineering, birth, evolution, alchemy. Scientific enhancements, training to gain superpowers and magic, and having bestowed powers from supernatural and/or scientific beings. Moreover, there can also be some instances of Superdragons within sub-races.



The user is capable of manipulating:




  • Unless they have resistances or immunities, they will still have the exact same limitations as regular dragons.
  • If genetic, may become unstable and cause unwanted mutations. Worse, they could even become a Monstrous Mutant if not treated.
  • Unfamiliarity with the rules of both superpowers and magic may cause unintended effects, at least depending on how dangerous the type of science and magic is.
  • While the user is very powerful, they are still overpowered by dragon gods

Known Users

  • Bahamut (Final Fantasy XIII)
  • Gala Mars (Dragalia Lost)
  • Cyborg Helios (Bakugan)


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