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*Einon (''DragonHeart'')
*Einon (''DragonHeart'')
*Geoff (''DragonHeart 2: A New Beginning'')
*Geoff (''DragonHeart 2: A New Beginning'')
*Gareth (''DragonHeart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse'')
*Gareth & Rhonu (''DragonHeart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse'')
*Rhonu (''DragonHeart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse'')
*Edric & Meghan (''Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire'')
*Edric & Meghan (''Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire'')

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The power to have or share the heart of a dragon. Variation of Dragon Physiology and Strong Heart.

Also Called

  • Draconic Heart
  • The Heart of a Dragon


User has or shares the heart of a dragon, allowing them to have connections to dragons themselves. Advanced users can harness the powers of the dragons, as much as the dragon connected to the user can harness. It also gives the user the traits and abilities of dragons, such as speaking in their tongue or breath their flames.





  • May feel the same agony as the dragons.
  • May die if the dragons die.
  • May exhibit dragon-like qualities as a result (physical, mental, instinctual, etc).

Known Users


  • Einon (DragonHeart)
  • Geoff (DragonHeart 2: A New Beginning)
  • Gareth & Rhonu (DragonHeart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse)
  • Edric & Meghan (Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire)


  • Sieg (Fate/Apocrypha); via Siegfried's Heart
  • Hiiro (Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalités)
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