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*[ <u>Decelerated Aging</u>] or [ <u>Semi-Immortality</u>]
*[ <u>Dermal Armor</u>]/[ <u>Scale Manifestation</u>]
*[[Dragon Physiology]]
*[[Dragon Physiology]]
*<u>[[Dragon Shout]]</u>
**[[Elemental Breath]]
*[ <u>Elemental Breath</u>]
*[[Dragon Shout]]
*[ <u>Enhanced Condition</u>] or [ <u>Supernatural Condition</u>]
**[ <u>Enhanced Durability</u>]/[ <u>Invulnerability</u>]
**[ <u>Enhanced Endurance</u>]
**[ <u>Enhanced Intelligence</u>]
**[ <u>Enhanced Regeneration</u>]
**[ <u>Enhanced Strength</u>]
**[ <u>Enhanced Senses</u>]
***[ <u>Enhanced Vision</u>]
*[ <u>Fear Masking</u>]
*[ <u>Flight</u>], sometimes by [ <u>Wing Manifestation</u>]
*[ <u>Magic Immunity</u>]
*[ <u>Natural Weaponry</u>]
**[ <u>Claw Retraction</u>]
**[ <u>Enhanced Bite</u>]
**<u>[[Horn Protrusion]]</u>.
*[ <u>Omnilingualism</u>]
*[ <u>Thermal Resistance</u>]
==Known users==
==Known users==

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The ability to use the abilities of a Dragonborn. A variation of Mythical Bestiary, Dragon Physiology, Reptilian Physiology, Mythic Physiology and a very rare variation of Hybrid Physiology.

Also called

  • The offspring of a dragon and a human.
  • Half-dragon physiology


A user of this ability is or can transform into a Dragonborn: an offspring of Dragonoid and human ancestry.

Common writers find the concept of having a woman being coupled with a mindless beast rather disturbing; to accommodate for this, the writers will often augment the dragon's intellect a bit to have the dragonborn be comparable to a Demigod. An also common trate among dragonborns (particularly in Dungeons and Dragons) is that they tend look more dragonoid than humanoid; pretty much a dragon with the shape of a human being. If a dragonborn is to be treated like a demigod, then the dragonborn gain a weaker extent of powers and weaknesses in relation to the dragon he/she is related to.

A dragonborn with the ancestry of a Dragon god should be considered under the same catagory as a Demigod because of type of gods, despite them being also dragons, are still gods by definition. Despite the matter though, dragonborns of dragon god descent are often argued to be a much stronger case in contrast to a Nephilim of archangel descent.


Known users

  • Duncan (Firebreather)
  • Dragonborns (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls)


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