The power to release/use dreams to various attacks. Sub-power of Dream Manipulation. Variation of Mental Attacks.

Also Called

  • Oneiric Attacks
  • Oneiro Attacks


The use can release/use dreams in combat to various attacks.




  • Oneiric Immunity is the perfect counter.
  • May not have effect on beings that don't sleep/dream.
  • May only effect beings that are asleep/dream.
  • Users may not be immune to the effects of own blast.
  • Firing may be involuntary reaction, o released in cona stant stream.
  • Users will be exhausted when too much energy is used.
  • Users may be over-charged/wounded if too much energy is used at once.
  • Users need control to avoid unnecessary destruction.

Known Users

  • Great Ones (Bloodborne)
  • Micolash (Bloodborne); host of nightmare
  • The Hunter (Bloodborne)
  • Gerhman (Bloodborne); the first hunter
  • Dream Demons (Dream Eater Merry)
  • Sanderson Mansnoozie/Sandman (Rise of the Guardians)
  • Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • Dreamy Bowser (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)
  • Dreamy Luigi (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)

Known Locations

  • Anima Mundi (Mage: The Awakening)


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