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"Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. I say it doesn't matter when you have both."
― The First

The power to manipulate reality both rationally and irrationally. Variation of Reality Warping. Combination of Virtual Warping and Subjective Reality.

Also Called

  • Reality Ruling


User is a being of great untold and unimaginable power, able to mentally redefine the fabric of reality both rationally (computer-like programming) and irrationally (turning fantasies into reality) to a seemingly infinite extent.

The rational side allows users to freely customize any aspect of reality, adjusting them on the fly with extreme precision and control. User can thus create, erase and rewrite anything exactly as they see fit.

The irrational side allows the user to warp reality through desires and ideas, bringing anything into existence and the reverse, or remodeling it regardless of the rules of reason. User can then remake reality to their exact imaginations and whims.

One side is usually dominant, the balance possibly shifting with time/circumstances. User may also combine them in equilibrium, reaching the ultimate power.



Known Users

  • Ookumaneko Mokumoku (DDD)
  • Somera Nonomoto (Fushigi na Somera-Chan)
  • Othinus (Toaru Majutsu no Index); via Gungnir.
  • Mr. Gentleman (Read or Die)

Known Objects

  • Algorithm of Destiny (Not Lives)
  • The Rule (Sora no Otoshimono)