Power to use the powers, abilities and possess the traits and physiology of a earth-bound being.

Also Called

  • "Earth Defender" (Godzilla Unleashed)
  • Earth Entity Physiology
  • Natural Being Physiology
  • Natural Physiology
  • Product of Nature


User with this ability either is or can transform into earth-bound being that is sympathetic and protective of the user's world. Needless to say, the user can become extremely territorial to outsiders. 

The user is resident to their world and thus are natural being, some are mystical or just natural affianced. They have existed on earth for a long time and have evolved and adapted to becoming powerful beings. They are both intelligent and powerful. The user gains various powers from being resident of earth such as there environment, they can also gain other abilities based on animals of every type, maybe even mythological.




  • May be hostile towards anyone who threatens their territory or the earth.

Known Users

  • Earth Defenders (Godzilla Unleashed)
  • Earth-Bound Immortal Cards (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's)
  • Gods (Princess Mananoke)


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