Power to manipulate the efficacy or destructive power of attacks. A combination of Causality Reversal, Power Negation. Advanced form of Limitation Inducement.

Also Called

  • Ofensive Effect Manipulation
  • Attack Manipulation.
  • Effect Manipulation


User can decrease or increase the efficacy of super attacks wether they are defensive or offensive.This ability allows the user to make attacks lose their maximum powers making them less effective.


  • User can decrease opponents attacks or defenses making them harmless or ineffective
  • Increase the destructive power of their attacks or defenses.
  • Shatter force fields with ease decreasing their effect or be unaffected by absolute attacks or special attacks



  • Can only use this ability in defesive and offensive attacks.
  • Does not work against non fighting power.
  • Some users only use this ability when they are in a personal domain or under a certain territory.
  • User only controls the potence of abilities cannot limit or negate them

Known Users

  • Hades (CDZ)
  • Milo (Saint Seya)
  • Shishio (Hitokiri Batosai)
  • Mizuro (Combo)
  • Wanda Maximoff (X-Men: Evolution)
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