The power to turn people into an eldritch abomination. Variation to Conversion.

Also Called

  • Eldritch Conversion
  • Lovecraftian Conversion/Transformation


User can permanently transform other beings into an eldritch abomination, typically the kind they are.



  • May not affect the victim's mind, allowing them to maintain individuality.
  • Usually irreversible.
  • May not work on users of Regenerative Healing Factor.
  • Certain supernatural DNA may keep the conversion from completing.
  • May be constantly active and uncontrollable.
  • The change may be reversible, or at least preventable.
  • Conversion Negation can reverse the change.
  • May be reversible by destroying the source.
  • Conversion Immunity

Known Users

Known Items

Known Locations

  • Planet Geo (Guy: Double Target)
  • The Abyss (Made In Abyss); via the Curse of the Sixth Layer


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